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Team Corally V3 Complete Front/ Rear Differential Diff Gearbox – New


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C-00180-178 – Diff. Bevel Gear 40t Steel
C-00180-179 – Planetary Diff. Gears Steel
C-00180-184 – Gear Diff Pin Steel
C-00180-153-X – Diff Outdrive Cups pro
C-00180-155-X – Pinion Outdrive Cup pro
C-00180-033 – Gearbox Case Set
C-00180-183 – Diff. Gasket
C-00180-098 – Diff Case

Note: Images to be update to show Pro Cups

Items Removed from a Brand New Corally Kronos XTR V2.
(Car not included in sale)

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Also Fits: Kronos, Dementor, Shogun, Punisher, 
Muraco, Jambo, Python, Radix

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